Court Services

Note: Please visit the Gwinnett County Probate Court website for birth certificates and marriage licenses.

City Citations

If you have questions regarding your citation or court appearance, you can telephone the Court at 770-609-8816 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday - Friday.

Individuals with City citations should report on their assigned court date to the following location:

Peachtree Corners Municipal Court
310 Technology Pkwy
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Municipal Court is held at 1 p.m. in the Council Chambers on the first Friday of each month unless otherwise noted, or if it conflicts with a holiday, in which case the date will be moved to the next scheduled court session.

Principal activities of the Municipal Court include:

  • Adjudicate all alleged violations of Peachtree Corners environmental, building and development codes.
  • Hold bench trials for those defendants who have pleaded "not guilty." A bench trial is heard by a Judge as opposed to a jury. Jury trials are held in Gwinnett County State Court.
  • Maintain complete and accurate records of all court proceedings.

Traffic Citations

Gwinnett County Recorder's Court handles traffic citations that are written by:

  • Gwinnett County Police Department
  • Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department
  • Georgia Department of Driver Services
  • Georgia Department of Transportation

Pay your citation online or by phone at 1-877-794-0988.

Probate Court

Please visit the Gwinnett County Probate Court website for:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Licenses / Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Decedent's Estate
  • Guardian / Conservatorship
  • Weapons Carry Licenses

Magistrate Court

Please visit the Gwinnett County Magistrate Court website for:

  • Family Violence
  • Wedding Ceremonies

Courtroom Etiquette

The following is not appropriate dress for court appearances:

  • Ripped or torn jeans
  • Baggy pants that fall below the waist
  • Shorts
  • Tank tops
  • Halters or bare midriffs
  • Hair curlers or hats
  • Bare feet
  • Muscle shirts
  • Clothing with emblems that condone illegal or inappropriate activity
  • Clothing depicting violence, sexual acts, profanity or illegal drugs
  • Sunglasses

Items not allowed into the courtroom:

  • Newspapers, magazines, weapons of any kind, and large backpacks (books and tablet computers will be allowed.)