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Recording Our City's History

Post Date:03/13/2018 8:53 AM

Although Peachtree Corners is a brand new city, our community has a rich past that stretches back centuries. From the Cherokee and Creek Indians that roamed the area, and the settlers who chose to set up a home and farm the rich land surrounding the Chattahoochee River, to Paul Duke and his vision for a community where people could live, work and play, we have an amazing past.

How many of us know the history behind the community of Pinckneyville, or that the area was named for Thomas Pinckney, an American Revolutionary War hero? And did you know that Pinckneyville included the area’s first inn? Named the Hunnicutt Inn, it was an overnight stop for weary travelers heading to Atlanta and beyond.

According to church records, Pinckneyville was established during the 1820s. The frontier settlement also had a post office that operated from 1828 until after the Civil War in 1866. There was also a school established named the Washington Academy.

And have you ever wondered what happened to the other half of Jones Bridge that once crossed the Chattahoochee at the end of East Jones Bridge Road? According to historical records, the steel girder and wooden plank bridge was completed in 1904. And legend has it that sometime in the mid-1940s a group of men, posed as workers, gathered on the Gwinnett County side of the old bridge and began dismantling the steel girders. No one knows what became of the steel but reportedly it was taken to South Carolina and sold for scrap.

Peachtree Corners does, indeed, have a fascinating past. These few glimpses of Peachtree Corners’ past are just a tip of the iceberg of a wonderful history. The stories outlined were pulled from various sources.

Recording our own history is paramount in preserving our past and that is why the city has taken the steps to begin recording the community’s history. And we would like your help.

We’re collecting old images to help document the history of our city. Your photographs will be used for a book on the history of Peachtree Corners that we are assembling.

The book will be a remarkable journey that we can share with our families, our children – and it will be a memorable way to record our city’s history to be shared and handed down to the generations that follow us.

We are excited about this project and look forward to presenting a history book which the entire community can take pride in and cherish.

Those of you who have lived in the city for a long time may have photos showing East Jones Bridge Road when it was unpaved or other scene's from the city's past. The city has a great story to tell - and historic photos are critical in capturing Peachtree Corners' story.

To arrange submission of your photos, please contact Judy Putnam at or 770-609-8821.


Mike Mason, Mayor

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Black & White photo Neely Farm in the 1940s. The former farmland is now home to the Neely Farm subdivision.

A glimpse of city's past: Neely Farm, named for owner Frank Henry Neely (1884 -1979), was situated along the Chattahoochee River. Today the land is part of the Neely Farm subdivision. The silos are long gone but the old Neely homestead remains. Today it serves as the clubhouse for the Neely Farm subdivision.