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It's Time to Check Out the New Peachtree Corners Network

Post Date:04/27/2018 1:23 PM

Have you visited the city's new YouTube Channel - Peachtree Corners Network? It's full of fun and interesting videos about life here in "The Corners."

Check out the PCN channel at:

First up: You'll find several intro videos that explain what the PCN network is all about. 

Then stay tuned for:

  • The Corners - An entertainment show featuring fashion, food, lifestyle, life hacks, DIY, glamour, sports, fitness, entertainment and interesting people and businesses.
  • Peachtree Positive - A news magazine style show that features uplifting stories, news, people, events, and businesses making a positive difference.
  • Momentum - A news show focusing on current topics that effect us locally, regionally and nationally.

All of the show hosts are either residents of our great city, or work here. Who knows you may even see your neighbor in one of the upcoming shows.

Take a moment now and check out PCN at: - you'll find the first episodes of "The Corners" and "Peachtree Positive."

And be sure to check back weekly for more shows that will be on the PCN YouTube channel soon!

 Let us know what you think, if you've got a great idea for a future show - we want to hear from you.

Send in your comments, feedback, story ideas to Judy Putnam, Communications Director,

Image of two of the show hosts introducing the new shows.