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Matt Houser Recognized for Service as Planning Commission Chairman

Post Date:11/21/2019 11:12 AM

At Tuesday's City Council meeting, Mayor Mike Mason recognized Matt Houser for his seven years of service as the Planning Commission Chairman for the city. Matt began serving on the city's newly-formed Planning Commission shortly after the city was incorporated in July 2012.

For a number of years Matt had served on Gwinnett County's planning commission and brought a wealth of experience to the city's new Planning Commission.

Mayor Mason presented a proclamation and ceremonial gavel recognizing him for his dedicated service and leadership as the inaugural chairman of the city's Planning Commission. Matt resigned his position last month and is replaced by long-serving commission member, Alan Kaplan.

Mayor Mason presents a ceremonial gavel to Matt Houser for his service as chairman of the planning commission.

Matt Houser (right) receives a ceremonial gavel from Mayor Mike Mason in recognition of his seven years of service as the Chairman of the Planning Commission. Alan Kaplan, who has also been serving on the Planning Commission for the past seven years, has been named the new Chairman.