Green Communities Certification

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Logo that reads "An ARC Certified Green Community, Certified Bronze."On January 27, 2016, the City of Peachtree Corners earned its first certification in the ARC's Green Communities program.

The Green Committee received the award in recognition of the city's efforts to conserve energy, reduce waste and protect natural resources.

On hand to receive the certificate were Councilmember Lorri Christopher, Green Committee members Emily Finn and Lorri Backer, city staff members Diana Wheeler, Jennifer Howard and Alvenease Jackson.

Gaining the Green Community Certification

To gain the certification the city:

  • Now provides a public drop-off location for cell phones, household batteries and ink cartridges. The city’s Green Committee also provides an updated database of local recycling opportunities for residents.
  • Encourages businesses, such as Global Aviation, to redevelop aging buildings within the existing Technology Park and other under-utilized locations rather than build on undeveloped land.
  • Encourages the recycling of a wide range of items by providing incentives for businesses to locate recycling facilities in the city limits. The city’s zoning code allows recycling in areas zoned “light industry,” the most common zoning district, resulting in a large number of properties suitable for this use.
  • Adopted a ‘night sky” ordinance to reduce excess light pollution and conserve energy. The city also provides incentives for sign lighting that is controlled by timers and uses high-efficiency LED lamps.
  • Installed electric vehicle charging stations at City Hall.

About the Green Communities Program

The Green Communities Program was developed by ARC in 2009 to recognize local governments that invest in programs and policies that lead to a more sustainable region. The ARC program offers certifications in 10 categories, ranging from energy efficiency and green building to transportation and water efficiency.