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Land Development

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The Land Development Division of Community Development consists of two sections: Plan Review and Development Inspections.

You now have the option to submit your development plans, plats, as-builts, and associated documents electronically through ePlan Solution (EPS), a private company that partners with local governments to provide electronic plan review and other services. You will have to register a new account, and there is an additional fee paid directly to (EPS). See links below.

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  Plan Review

The Plan Review section includes reviews for new developments, redevelopment, final plat recording, landscape plans, and stormwater systems, just to name a few, to ensure all development and property subdivision within the City complies with federal, state and local regulations. Specific reviews include site development, transportation/traffic, arborist and stormwater management. Staff has created a    Land Development Permit (LDP) Handbook to help guide the process. Here is the City’s   General LDP Plan Review Checklist the City uses when reviewing Stormwater Management Reports and LDP Plan Sets. Please note that not all comments may be applicable to your project.


The City of Peachtree Corners received its    Memorandum of Agreement from the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission (GSWCC) in August of 2015, therefore all plan reviews for Erosion and Sediment Control are done by City Staff.

Protecting Soil and Water Resources

The Plan Review Section works closely with Gwinnett County , Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission , Georgia Environmental Protection Division  and United States Army Corps of Engineers  to ensure all new development and redevelopment projects are authorized and that both soil and water resources are protected. Contacts for all applicable approvals can be found on the last page of the LDP Handbook. These approvals must be obtained before a Land Disturbance Permit will be issued by the City of Peachtree Corners.

View the Zoning Map and the Chattahoochee River Corridor Map on our Maps page.

  Development Inspections

Development Inspections ensure all land disturbance permitted projects are following the approved plan and maintain compliance with environmental and development regulations in the field.

Initial Phase Erosion Control Permit

The Development Department will conduct a pre-construction meeting after the plans have been approved and before the permit is issued. At the pre-construction meeting, the contractor, owner or engineer will meet with City Staff to discuss development inspections, record keeping, stormwater sampling and sediment control compliance. The permit issued at the pre-construction meeting is the Initial Phase Erosion Control Permit.

Land Development Permit

A full Land Development Permit will be issued once the City receives the 7-day Inspection letter from the Design Professional on the Approved Plans. Until a full LDP is given, the contractor is only authorized to put in initial phase Best Management Practices.

Land Development Inspections

Development Inspectors perform both random and scheduled inspections on all construction sites. Inspectors monitor site progress and enforce erosion and sedimentation control, tree preservation, stream buffer protection, floodplain, and post-development stormwater management ordinances.

At the conclusion of the project, all sections of plan review, including zoning, arborist, engineering and transportation will perform a final site inspection. All items must be completed before Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or a Certificate of Completion (CofC) will be granted.

City Staff makes determinations on state waters, any applicable stream buffers, and investigates and resolves erosion and drainage related complaints.

  Stormwater Management Requirements


  Land Disturbance Permits

  Land Disturbance Permit Handbook - a detailed handbook for Design Professionals and Applicants to guide them through the Land Disturbance Permitting process. It includes design requirements, permitting procedures, and applicable forms.

  Land Disturbance Permit Application - application and land development fee breakdown. This application must be filled out and provided with plans when submitting for a Land Disturbance Permit, Commercial Tree Removal Permit, Exemption Plat, Final Plat, and Plan Revision.

  Land Disturbance Permit Revision Application - application to revise a Land Disturbance Permit.

  Pre-LDP Surety Packet - this packet contains the performance surety and erosion control surety templates for Bonds, Letter of Credit, and Escrow. Erosion Control and Performance Sureties are required prior to LDP issuance.

  General Land Disturbance Permit Checklist - the General Checklist City plan review staff uses when reviewing Land Disturbance Site Plans and Hydrology Reports. This checklist can aid engineers and design professionals when preparing plans and reports to be submitted to the City for Land Disturbance Permits. This checklist also includes the Activity Center/Corridor Overlay District checklist. Note: not all comments are applicable to every site. This is a checklist with comments that come from the City’s Municipal Code.

  Erosion, Sedimentation, & Pollution Control Checklists for LDPs - GSWCC Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Review Checklist to be included on Erosion Control sheet of Civil Plan Set. Use the appropriate checklist based on the project type.

  Tree Protection, Replacement, and Landscape Plan Checklist - a comprehensive checklist for designing compliant tree plans associated with Land Disturbance Permits.

  Tree Species List – Appendix A - a canopy tree species list with botanical and common names and canopy area in square feet.

  Stormwater Water Quality and Channel Protection Design Tools - stormwater design calculator to aid engineers in sizing WQ and CP. Include this calculation sheet in the Hydrology Report.

  Approved Proprietary Water Quality Devices - a list of proprietary devices that can be used on developments in Peachtree Corners by engineers to meet water quality requirements.

  Stormwater Facilities Maintenance Agreement For Companies - for owners of property, on which over 5,000 square feet is being disturbed, to state they are responsible for maintenance of stormwater management facilities.

  Stormwater Facilities Maintenance Agreement For Individuals or Joint Owners - for owners of property, on which over 5,000 square feet is being disturbed, to state they are responsible for maintenance of stormwater management facilities.

  Land Development Regulations Modification Application - application for a modification of design standards in the development regulations.

  Certificate of Development Conformance (End of Development)

  Certificate of Development Conformance Packet - a collection of certificates, maintenance and performance agreements, and surety templates that are executed at the end of a project and typically required prior to obtaining an approved final plat or Certificate of Occupancy.

  Stormwater Facilities Maintenance Agreement For Companies - for owners of property, on which over 5,000 square feet is being disturbed, to state they are responsible for maintenance of stormwater management facilities.

  Stormwater As Built Requirements - detailed requirements for as-built surveys of storm drainage systems and stormwater facilities.

  Land Development Site Final Checklist - a comprehensive list of as-built plans, sureties, and field requirements at the end of project.

  CAD Data Submission Instructions - procedures for the preparation and submission of Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) based drawings.


  Final & Exemption Plat Application - application that accompanies a plat survey in order to subdivide or combine property.

  Final & Exemption Plat Revision Application - application to revise final and exemption plats.

  Preliminary Plat Checklist - list of information required for preliminary plat review.

  Final & Exemption Plat Checklist - checklist of items required on final and exemption plats.

  Surety Calculation Forms

  ROW Performance Surety Calculation Form (Pre-LDP) - a Performance Surety is required prior to LDP approval and issuance for all work done in the Right-of-Way, such as public street improvements and stormwater drainage.

  Specimen Tree Calculation Form - a calculation form used to determine the recompense dollar amount to be paid into the tree bank.

  Maintenance Surety Calculation Form (End of Development) - a Maintenance Surety is required prior to Final Plat approval, CO, or CC. Maintenance Surety ensures public street improvements, drainage facilities within public right-of-ways, and planted landscaping.

  Performance Surety Calculation Form (End of Development) - a Performance Surety is required prior to Final Plat approval, CO, or CC for any site work approved in the LDP that is incomplete at time of Final Plat approval, CO, or CC. Site work includes unplanted landscaping, paving, storm drainage, etc.