What roads are maintained by Gwinnett County?
  • Amwiler Road 
  • Bush Road
  • Crooked Creek Road
  • East Jones Bridge Road
  • Holcomb Bridge Road (between Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard)
  • Jones Mill Road
  • Medlock Bridge Road
  • Peachtree Corners Circle
  • Peachtree Industrial Boulevard (from Jimmy Carter Boulevard to the North East City Limits)
  • South Berkeley Lake Road
  • South Old Peachtree Road
  • Spalding Drive
  • West Jones Bridge Road
  • Winters Chapel Road

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1. Can I encroach into the right-of-way?
2. Can irrigation be placed within the right-of-way?
3. Can the city prohibit utility work in the right-of-way?
4. How can I contact a utility company working in the right-of-way along my property?
5. What are the State roads in Peachtree Corners and who do I call if I see an issue?
6. What is a right-of-way?
7. What responsibilities do property owners have in the right-of-way?
8. What roads are maintained by Gwinnett County?
9. What side of the street should you walk on?
10. Where is the right-of-way?
11. Who do I call if I have issues on Gwinnett County maintained roads?
12. Who do I call if I have or see a water leak?
13. Who do I contact if utility work has created damage on my property?