Where is the right-of-way?

There is no universal rule or measurement to locate the ROW.  In most cases, ROWs are deeded to the local government when a developer creates a subdivision plat and records it as a Final Plat. The ROW is shown in an Exhibit to a closing deed when a house is purchased, with iron pins indicating the property corner/ROW boundary. Developments are created differently, and during construction road pavement may not be centered in the ROW and may fluctuate in width.  The width of ROWs varies depending on road classification, ranging from 40-foot to 120-foot.  It is not accurate to describe a ROW as being a set distance from the edge of the road.

For approximate ROW locations please see the City’s map. Click to view the City Parcels’ layer and the ROW lines are what is not included in a parcel. You can also use the ruler tool to get an approximate measurement.

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