E. Restrepo

City Marshal's Office
Title: Chief Marshal
Phone: (678) 691-1200
E Restrepo

Edward Restrepo commenced his professional journey with the Gwinnett County Police Department in May of 1997. Upon completing his training at the academy and assuming the role of a patrol officer, he was subsequently appointed as a Field Training Officer. In 2000, he was handpicked to join the Gang Task Force, where he demonstrated his proficiency in conducting Spanish-speaking interviews and interrogations for a diverse range of investigations. 

In 2003, Restrepo transitioned to the Robbery Unit for a period of two years before being transferred to the Homicide Unit in 2004, where he was promoted to the rank of Corporal. In 2007, he was elevated to the position of Sergeant and reassigned to the Uniform Division's West Precinct. The following year, he was entrusted with the responsibility of leading the General Crimes Unit before being redeployed to the Homicide-Assault Unit. Additionally, he served as a Crisis Negotiator on the SWAT Team for nearly a decade.

In 2013, he resumed his position at the West Precinct, where he assumed the role of supervisor for the Community Response Team. Two years later, he returned to the Criminal Investigations Division, taking charge of the Gang Unit and earning a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant. In this capacity, Restrepo provided oversight for the operations of the Gang Task Force, Burglary Unit, and Motor Vehicle/Metal Theft Unit. 

In 2017, he was reassigned to the Special Investigations Unit, where he served as the Commander of both the Narcotics and the Gang Task Force. 

In 2019, Restrepo returned to the West Precinct as a Shift Commander, and subsequently, he was chosen to lead the Homicide-Assault/Robbery Unit. The following year, he was promoted to the rank of Major and appointed as the West Precinct Commander. 

In the latter part of 2022, he was selected to assume the role of Special Operations Commander. 

Over his 26-and-a-half-year career, he has received numerous commendations and accolades including:

  • Gwinnett County Police Department Officer of the Year – 2009
  • Valor Awards Public Safety Person of the Year - 2009 and 2011
  • GCPD Chief of Police Unit Citation West Precinct – 2015
  • Valor Awards Public Safety Unit of the Year West Precinct - 2015
  • Valor Awards Public Safety Unit of the Year Gang Task Force - 2016 
  • Chief of Police Citations
  • Silver Star Homicide - 2006 and 2012
  • SWAT - 2010
  • West Precinct CRT - 2015
  • Good Conduct Ribbon - 20 yrs. of Service
  • Accident-Free Ribbon - 15 yrs. 
  • Honorable Service – 10-year and 20-year
  • Officer of the Month – 7 times
  • Investigator Ribbon

In addition to his official accolades, Restrepo has been the recipient of more than sixty-five letters of commendation, appreciation, and recognition for his outstanding arrests and public service, both from within and outside the community, including citizens, cities, counties, and federal agencies. 

Restrepo possesses a multitude of professional certifications, notably his Georgia Police Officer Standards Training in Supervision and Management. He has successfully obtained both a Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Criminal Justice from Saint Leo University and is currently in the process of completing his Doctorate. Furthermore, Restrepo has served as an adjunct professor for over four years, showcasing his dedication to academia and the field of criminal justice.


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