About Agendas & Minutes

Annual Meeting Calendar (PDF)


City Council - six elected members that together with the elected mayor comprise the legislative body that governs the City of Peachtree Corners.

Planning Commission - five members appointed by the City Council whose duty is to make recommendations to the City Council regarding the comprehensive plan, changes to the zoning ordinance, and public hearing requests such as special use permits and rezonings.

Zoning Board of Appeals - five members appointed by the City Council whose duty is to consider variances to the zoning ordinance as well as appeals of zoning decisions.

Downtown Development Authority - a nonprofit public body appointed by the City Council that promotes trade, commerce, industry and employment opportunities in accordance with the state constitution and the Georgia Development Authorities Law.

Public Facilities Authority - seven member board established to obtain favorable financing and funding for public buildings, facilities, equipment, and services.

Meeting - gathering of a quorum (majority) of the members of the governing body of an agency, or any committee created by the governing body, at which official business, policy, or public matter of the agency is formulated, presented, discussed, or voted upon.

Agenda - an outline of topics or items of business considered at a meeting. They are prepared for all meetings of governmental agencies and committees.

Consent Agenda - an agenda with normally routine, pre-discussed items (but not in violation of Open Meetings laws) that require no further discussion. The council may remove any item from the consent agenda and place it on the regular agenda if they want to discuss it further.

Minutes - the written record of all actions in a meeting and the vote on each item. All meetings of governmental agencies and committees are required to have minutes.

Packet - background material and supporting documents for each agenda item. Non-public, sensitive information is retracted before distributing.

Summary - Brief statement or account of the topics discussed at a meeting.