Land Development

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You now have the option to submit your development plans, plats, as-builts, and associated documents electronicallyePlan Logo through ePlan Solution (EPS), a private company that partners with local governments to provide electronic plan review and other services. You will have to register a new account, and there is an additional fee paid directly to (EPS). See the following links.

The Plan Review section includes reviews for new developments, redevelopment, final plat recording, landscape plans, and stormwater systems, just to name a few, to ensure all development and property subdivision within the City complies with federal, state and local regulations. Specific reviews include site development, transportation/traffic, arborist and stormwater management. Staff has created a Land Development Permit (LDP) Handbook (PDF) to help guide the process. Here is the City’s General LDP Plan Review Checklist (PDF) the City uses when reviewing Stormwater Management Reports and LDP Plan Sets. Please note that not all comments may be applicable to your project.