Community Development

The City of Peachtree Corners Community Development Department works with residents, developers, the City Council, as well as the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, the Downtown Development Authority to carry out long-range city planning initiatives, land development, building construction and code compliance.

Community Development also oversees the Comprehensive Planning process along with the other city-wide and area-specific planning projects. See the 2040 Comprehensive Plan below.

Community Development divisions include the following:

  • Building and Permitting
  • Code Enforcement
  • Economic Development
  • Planning and Zoning

See also:

Comprehensive Planning 2045

As the city now enters 2023, they have turned its focus to the next decade, and must once again work on the development of its 2045 Comprehensive Plan.

To assist, the city has launched our Comprehensive Plan 2045 Portal.

The portal will provide information and update on the process, meeting dates and times, public participation opportunities including surveys, and public registration for updates.



  1. 2040 Comprehensive Plan

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan affirms the City’s big picture vision and extends it to 2040. The document defines goals and lays out a task list for city leaders, staff and citizens to address issues and take advantage of opportunities.

View the 2040 Comprehensive Plan (PDF).

  1. Economic Development Plan
  1. Holcomb Bridge Corridor Urban Redevelopment Plan
  1. Forms & Documents