Veterans Monument

Mayor unveiling the eagle at the Veterans MonumentBirth of the Peachtree Corners Veterans Monument Association

In March 2015, Mayor Mike Mason called together a group of residents to discuss the possibility of building a Veterans Monument to be located in the city. The vision was to build a monument to honor all military veterans, past, present and future, for their service to the United States of America and its citizens.

The group agreed to form a non-profit organization to raise money for a monument. Thus the Peachtree Corners Veterans Monument Association (PCVMA) was born. The Association is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization.

The Monument

Unveiled and dedicated June 15, 2019, it is located on the city's new Town Center in a prominent place on the Town Green. The Monument has been designed to be a serene and dignified place where individuals may come and reflect - and where veterans, schools and civic organizations may hold ceremonies and educational opportunities.

The Monument consists of a 2,500 square-foot plaza and seven sculptures, a central pillar topped with an eagle atop the globe to represent the presence of the U.S. Armed forces across the world, and six sculptures representing each of the Armed Forces and the Federal Military Reserve components.

Framed photo of a veteran standing on the pavers at the Veterans MonumentThe design also features two interactive terminals and a brick base to accommodate engraved bricks. Benches are built into the outer wall and the granite wall tops are engraved with America's wars and significant military operations. Three flagpoles flying the American, Georgia and City flags serve as a backdrop for the Veterans Monument.

The Website

The Veterans Monument website is an interactive site that contains a brick locator on the homepage. With this feature the user can find bricks in the monument, view videos, and read biographies of the veterans. Historical information about each of the monument's elements, and photos and videos of events and ceremonies are also available. The website is optimized for viewing on smart phones and tablets, and may also be accessed on the Monument's kiosks.

Our Veterans

All veterans or family members of veterans living in Peachtree Corners are invited to add their names to the PCVM roster of veterans to be included on the Monument.

Visit the Peachtree Corners Veterans Monument website and learn about volunteer opportunities, brick purchases, and more.