An ordinance is a law or regulation enacted by a municipal body, such as a city council. Ordinances govern matters not already covered by state or federal laws such as zoning, safety and building regulations.

Where Ordinances are Published

Municode publishes the Municipal Code for the City of Peachtree Corners. To find a specific code you may either locate the chapter number on the left-hand menu of the Municode site or use the search bar in the top right-hand corner and search by a keyword. Major chapters include:

Adopted Ordinances Awaiting Publication

Please note Municode is updated annually. The following Ordinances have been adopted and will be included in the next version of Municode:

  1. O2022-06-236 Commercial Parking in Residential (PDF)
  2. O2022-06-235 Code Amendment Public Hearing Process (PDF)
  3. O2022-06-234 Town Ctr Office Bldg Mixed Use (PDF)
  4. O2022-06-233 Sun Ct Mixed Use (PDF)
  5. O2022-06-232 H and M Tires (PDF)
  6. O2022-05-231 FY23 Budget (PDF)
  7. O2022-05-230 FY22 Final Amendment (PDF)
  8. O2022-05-229 DENY U Wellness (PDF)
  9. O2022-02-227 Dilweg MUD (Deny) (PDF)
  10. O2022-02-225 Mixed Use Ordinance Amend Percent Non-Res (PDF)
  11. O2022-01-224 Angel Spa (PDF)
  12. O2022-01-223 Intuitive Surgical (PDF)
  13. O2021-10-220 Ordinance Amendment M1 Height and Unused Districts (PDF)
  14. O2021-10-218 CityGate Church (PDF)
  15. O2021-09-217 Floodplain Ordinance Revision (PDF)
  16. O2021-09-216 M1 Uses in CBD (PDF)
  17. O2021-09-215 AHS Residential (PDF)
  18. O2021-08-213 Sunday Package Sales Hours (PDF)
  19. O2021-08-212 Gas Canopy Architecture (PDF)
  20. O2021-07-210 Deny Tech Parkway South Restaurant (PDF)
  21. O2021-07-209 Deny PIB and S. Old Peachtree Gas Station (PDF)
  22. O2021-07-208 Grace Korean Church (PDF)
  23. O2021-07-207 Dunkin' Drive Through Speaker (PDF)
  24. O2021-07-206 Short Term Rental Amendment (PDF)
  25. O2021-06-205 Construction Code Amendment (PDF)
  26. O2021-06-204 Call of Election (PDF)
  27. O2021-06-203 Amending Chapter 14 Article XIV Sexually Oriented Business (PDF)
  28. O2021-06-202 Sexually Oriented Business Zoning Text Amendment (PDF)
  29. O2021-06-201 FY2022 Budget (PDF)
  30. O2021-06-200 FY2021 Amended Budget (PDF)
  31. O2021-06-199 Amending Charter (PDF)
  32. O2021-04-198 Mask Ordinance (PDF)
  33. O2021-04-197 Pink Gypsy Studio (PDF)
  34. O2021-04-196 3770 Holcomb Townhomes (PDF)
  35. O2021-04-195 Apartment-Hotels ZOA (PDF)
  36. O2021-03-194 Peachtree Parkway Mixed Use (PDF)
  37. O2021-03-193 Amend Zoning Resolution (PDF)
  38. O2021-02-192 Pet Boarding Ordinance Amendment (PDF)
  39. O2021-02-191 Cornerstone School (PDF)
  40. O2021-01-187 Deny Townhomes (PDF)
  41. O2020-12-186 Annexation (6670 Buford Highway) (PDF)